New review data mining

For few mounth I created a data mining review – „Data mining review and use’s classification, methods and techniques”. This article  can finds in Studia i Materiały Informatyki Stosowanej (SIMIS, if he will favourably reviews.  Below I represended abstract of this paper:

The large quantity of the data and information accumulated into actual information systems and their successive extension extorted the development of new processes, techniques and methods to their storing, processing and analysing. Currently the achievement from the statistical analyses  and artificial intelligence area are use to the analysis process of the large data sets. These fields make up the core of data exploration – data mining. Currently the data mining aspires to independent scientific method which  one uses to solving problems from range of information analysis comes from the data bases menagments systems. In this article was described  review and use’s classification, methods and techniques which they are using in the process of the data exploration. In this article also was described actual development direction and described elements which require this young applied discipline of the science.