Questionnaire for fire service

I finished implementation  a questionnaire for fire service on the previous day. This questionnaire was implemented for quantitative/qualitative research. The destination of this research is a creation a hybrid decision support system for Polish fire service.  It’s a complicate problem which require many of different  researches. This research integrate solution from logistic, transport, game theory,  artificial intelligence, linguistics, retrieval of text information  like a text mining and especially text reprezentation and his processing.  All project was described by process of design for trustworthy software (DFTS). The results of  investigations will be published after the completion questionnaire by respondenst.

Questionnaire was implemented using web technologies like a JAVA+JSF+Hibernate+MySQL.

From the hypothesis to the thesis

First step in investigations is a create of  hypothesis.  Hypothesis is a question or assumption of results. In next step is created a proof which negated or confirmed hypothesis. After that is received a thesis. Thesis plus proof equal theorem.

In this post was described a simple model of  theorem which have a multi conclusions. In next part for another day I will try explain this conclusions.

What is a knowladge?

This day I spend on writing some part of article about what’s konowladge mean. I defined a formal model of knowladge and I hope that I could public this material in SGSP jurnal for a few mounth. When this aricle will be publish I will wirte about it in this blog.

Next day

In this time, weekend day I spent for a modeling a new approach to building decission support system for fire service. I hope that in next few day I finis this question and somevher I can public this material. Actualy I done work and go away, It’s time to begin a Saturday hot nite.

Hello, internet world

And done… I was try build my first english part of this blog. I hope that I could develop this part of blog and write interesting comprehensible articles.