IPI PAN – The adaptive system supporting problem solving based on a content analysis of electronic sources

Participation in the Nekst project (Project POIG.01.01.02) realized by the Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences. In the department of Artificial Intelligence, team of Foundations of Artificial Intelligence, which implements the project, I’m responsible for the analysis, design and implementation of selected elements of the Nekst information retrieval system.

Analysis of textual reports from rescue service events using text mining techniques

Propose and describe method to analyze reports of Polish Fire Service collected in the system records. This method allows extraction from reports additional and hidden knowledge about rescue operations carried out by the emergency services. The developed method is used to design an information system based on the available textual documentation.

Design decision support system

Project of decision support system for rescue services. Developing functional specifications of the project and qualitative research.

Web-based distributed system for collecting and analysing selected medical data in clinic of urology

The project covers the design of complex system for the urology clinic. The project included the selection of such solutions which would have enabled effective communication and proper circulation of documents in the urology clinic. Created application for this information system was based in the Web technologies.

This project was started to make Internet software for collecting and presenting data, which could be used by the medicine doctors. The database system collects patient data – medical information from medical questionnaire and measurement. This project can also deliver an electronic patient registration in a clinic or a hospital. The project is constructed on APM platform (Apache, PHP5, MySQL5). The Web application is based on the objective application. The project is modelled on UML 2.0.

Constructed website for Ecology Project, realized on the University of Bialystok – Faculty of Education and Psychology

Website about ecology, including Internet questionnaire – Advanced Poll v2.02 uses database MySql. Construct and administration website special activity group Integra on the University of Bialystok. Construct website service, which enable communication between users and information exchange by internet forum and news system.

Construction and administration of the Integra UwB scientific circle web page

Develop the web site, for communication between users, and exchange of information through a online forum.

E-mail website client

Individual project inclusive of create Internet application use PHP and MySql database, which enables creating mail boxes by WWW interface, send/receive e-mail.

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